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Surrey Sound (International) - online & on tunein radio.

Surrey Sound broadcasts from and reflects life in Surrey but can be heard anywhere in the world.

Our programmes are a mix of live shows and music sequences. You can listen back to many of our features and programmes here on our website.

Programme News

Events Diary features are broadcast hourly from 9.45am to 1.45pm Monday to Friday.

New Music. Check out this week's choices by Jacob McCormack every Tuesday 12-2pm and on his web page.

Philip Grant is on the radio every morning from 9am to midday with a look at the days news. He now has his own blog page where he gives his views on some of the top stories.

Who are we?
Surrey Sound is a digital radio station based in Surrey. Many of our features focus on Surrey and South West London. 

BUT you don't have to live in Surrey to listen to us. Our news focus is UK based and our music - well that spans interests across the world. 

Our promise to you.

We won't play the same old songs over and over, unlike many other radio stations. We'll play what we like  and cover a wide range of genres. (Well it is our radio station!).

We  won't have cheesy DJs who speak that strange DJ speak heard on so many other stations. Our presenters, radio hosts, air personalities (or whatever you want to call us) are real people who'll talk to you as a friend.

How to listen
This service will broadcast on-line:

You can also hear us on Tune-In radio:




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